Each DeltaV-Seal has three sharp sealing rings as an integrated part of the patented DeltaV-Seal design. The Delta-ridges are designed to deform and adapt to the imperfections of the mating flange surface, creating lasting gas-tight barriers.

Germany’s 'TA Luft' is a national air quality regulation that sets standards for emissions, ambient exposures, and control methods. In a powerful demonstration of DeltaV-Seal’s ability to not just comply, but far exceed regulatory demands, AMTEC GmbH conducted a TA-Luft Helium test in accordance with VDI 2440 guidelines. Pipeotech’s revolutionary solution was certified as a 'high-grade sealing system', sealing an incredible 10,000 times tighter than industry requirements.

The DeltaV-Seal is constructed such that it maintains enhanced tightness during its lifetime due to its design, and ensures performance against leakage. By installing the DeltaV-Seal, the user of the equipment can perform a risk assessment to demonstrate the absence of any releases, and eliminate the need for any potential ATEX zone.

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