DeltaV-Seal features a solid metal design with a special focus on low lifecycle cost. Using a static, metal-to-metal design there is no need for re-tightening the bolts for the entire operational lifespan of the seal. 

The certified resistance to vibration, pressure pulses and temperature changes enables for an extended service life. In most applications, the DeltaV-Seal will last as long as the flange, pipeline or joint itself. As a result, the lifespan of your flanges can also be significantly extended, greatly reducing costs associated with flange replacement and planned shutdowns.

When switching out the DeltaV-Seal at each planned service interval, a customer does not need to clean the flange surface, as no material is left from the previous DeltaV-Seal gaskets. Only a visual inspection is required. 

If a customer switches to using a DeltaV-Seal after using a kammprofile, spiralwound, or graphite gasket, they must first clean the flange of any material left from the previous gasket before the installation of the DeltaV-Seal can be completed.

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