The DeltaV-Seal is certified as ‘Fire Safe’ according to API 6FB. One of the key principles behind the DeltaV-Seal design is that the customer utilizes a metal gasket compatible with the corresponding flange. 

When the same metal material is used, the metal gasket follows the same or corresponding material specifications as of the flange itself.  

Fire test approved (API 6FB), high temperature fire (>650°C), AMTEC cert# 30328901E/CS/28.10.16. 

Burning period of 30 minutes, > 650°C, 40 bar, DVS 6” ASME #300

  • Requirement: 1.00 ml/(inch ∙min) *

  • Leaking during burning period: 0.04 ml/(inch ∙min)*

  • Leakage result from complete test: 0.01 ml/(inch ∙min) *

*leakage in milliliter divided by mean circumference (inches) multiplied by time.

Result: The DeltaV-Seal had a sweating of only 1 % of the requirement during the complete fire test.

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