Pipeotech guarantees that your order will be processed within 24 hours. 

DeltaV-Seal is a fully metallic gasket living in full symbiosis electrically and electrochemically with the surrounding flange material achieving maximum tightness over time and thereby reduce emissions. The fundament for this is an optimum materials selection process that starts at an early stage in the project development process.

All products listed within our online Request for Quotation form are available and manufactured on demand, with the most common & leading products usually in stock and available for immediate delivery.

  1. For small orders and service parts, shipping can be expected a maximum of two (2) working days after your order has been processed.

  2. For large volume orders, you should expect a manufacturing lead time of three weeks from the date of your order.

  3. On some occasions, the plate material the DeltaV-Seal is machined from might not be in our inventory, and the expected manufacturing lead time will then be four weeks.

Please send us your Request for Quotation if you already know what material, dimensions, pressure classes you need.

Please contact us for a free-of-charge corrosion consultancy and review of Basis of Design documentation to secure an optimum material selection.

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