The DeltaV-Seals is leak proof. If you have installed our DeltaV-Seal, and experience a leak, then the leak most likely existed before since start-up. However, if a field worker does make an effort to over-tighten to stop a leak with the best intention, the bolts will yield before the gasket is damaged.

Fluctuating temperatures force metal flanges and seals to expand and contract. Since most other gaskets are made from materials that behave differently from the flanges. Because expansion and contraction differ, the gasket eventually dissolving or will have decreasing properties over time.

The DeltaV-Seals differs, as it is made from matching metal as the flange and certified resistant to vibrations, pressure pulses, and temperature changes – the seal mimics the contraction and expansion in seamless unity, forming an enduring, metal-to-metal partnership. 

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