Fluctuating temperatures force metal flanges and seals to expand and contract. Current ductile seals are not made from the same materials as flanges, so these rates of expansion and contraction differ, eventually the seals end up dissolving or changing properties over time. A flange with a ductile gasket has to rely on the gaskets recoil in order to keep the leak to a minimum. 

However, the DeltaV-Seal is different. Made from the same metal as the flange - and certified resistant against vibrations, pressure pulses, and temperature changes, this enables the seal to precisely mimic the flange movement.  Both flange and gasket contract and expand in seamless unity, forming an enduring, non-ductile, metal-to-metal partnership. 

From outside temperature to -150°C / -238°F or below in few seconds

Outlet gas temperatures range from -50°C to room temperature (from process modeling). Under conditions of high gas flow rates, flame temperatures can rise to 1100°C or more, while at low gas flow rates the flame temperature is about 600°C.

Read Alba Gaskets flare tip use case utilizing the DeltaV-Seal to solve the problem  "FLARE TIP LEAKAGE IS TOO HOT TO HANDLE FOR THE COMPETITION"

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