What is your maximum tolerable leak-rate? For how long will you need the gasket to perform at this level? Will you allow electrochemical corrosion damage to the flange caused by the gasket?

The DeltaV-Seal marks a new beginning for industrial piping. This is an all-metal, one-piece seal developed to replace Spiral Wound- and Kammprofile-gaskets.

We are committed to helping our customers stop leakages caused by inadequate sealing technology and have spent half a decade testing our technology to back up the unique claims of the DeltaV-Seal.

As a result of this, we can now offer our customers the sealing industry's first and only 10-year gas-tight warranty.

We guarantee that the DeltaV-Seal will enable our customers to achieve a gas-tight connection and that the connection will remain gas-tight for 10 years with no need for re-tightening. We believe this technology can revolutionize the sealing industry, helping companies significantly reduce emissions, accidents, and piping OPEX.

Please contact us if you have questions regarding how DeltaV-Seal technology can benefit your pipeline operations today, or go directly to our Request for Quotation page if you already have the information you need.

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