Selecting the best suitable seal for your application will effectively lengthen your application's lifetime and add safety in everyday operation. At Pipeotech we have the experience and knowledge to help guide you through the decision process to optimize your specific flanged connection.

Our DeltaV-Seal™ is an all-purpose fully metallic gasket that conforms superbly to the flanges, achieving excellent tightness over time. For Pipeotech to optimize its performance for its intended application, please supply the following information for each flanged connection to complete your request.

1. Flange Dimensions

Are you looking to seal a standardized raised- or flat-faced flanged connection in compliance with ASME B16.5 or EN 1092-1? A reference to the standardized size and pressure class is sufficient to determine the suitable dimensions for your application.

If your flanged connection is not defined within any of these standards, please provide Pipeotech with a drawing including a complete set of dimensions of the sealing area.

2. Temperature and Pressure

In order to choose the right seal for you, Pipeotech needs to know both the temperature and pressure of your application.

3. Bolting

The bolt selection might be the difference maker between a successful and unsuccessful application. The bolts must be strong enough to create the necessary gasket stress to seal and to endure temperature and pressure variations. But they can't be so strong that they will damage the flanges in installation.

Pipeotech offers a torque table based on typically used bolting for our standard ranges within ASME B16.5 and EN 1092-1. If the application you want to seal includes bolting not specified in our installation procedure, please provide us with the applicable bolting specification. We can also help you with the bolt selection process for your application.

4. Flange Material

Optimizing the material choice for both the flange and DeltaV-Seal is crucial with regard to several aspects of a flanged joint lifetime. The material must not only be able to withstand the mechanical challenges due to pressure and temperature, it must also be suitable to withstand corrosion. At Pipeotech we take corrosion management very seriously, and offer our support in the planning process already at an early stage.

The ultimate gasket purchasing strategy for new projects

Are you designing or choosing components for a new project or process? At Pipeotech, we know the importance of corrosion and integrity management in 'Start-up and Stay-up' driven projects.

By teaming up with our customers we address and support them in their never-ending fight for reduced emissions and waste by the exchange of knowledge, data, and experiences in fruitful cooperation.

We offer support to review the Basis of Design documentation (emissions requirements, design standards/codes, design lives, etc.), materials selection philosophies, and integrity and corrosion management plans.

This forms the basis for an optimum gasket purchasing strategy for our customers and provides Pipeotech with the best possible basis for recommended DeltaV-Seal gasket solutions and gas-tight warranty.

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