Pipeotech AS has extended its unrivaled customer support with the introduction of the sealing industry's first and only 10-Year Warranty!

We warrant that the DeltaV-Seal™ will enable our customers to achieve a gas-tight connection and that the connection will remain gas-tight for 10 Years.

Why are we offering this warranty?
DeltaV-Seal marks a new beginning for industrial piping. Not only does DeltaV-Seal technology ensure a gas-tight connection from the moment of installation, but also long into the lifecycle of the pipeline with no periodical re-tightening required. DeltaV-Seal eliminates the disintegration of the connection commonly associated with filler materials like graphite or PTFE and caused by temperature fluctuations, vibrations, or galvanic corrosion. There is no blowout or fire risk, and no safety concerns. With this warranty, we want to confirm our confidence in this game-changing gasket.

Why is this warranty so significant?
Choosing a gasket that removes the weakest link of a process pipe enables process plant designers and pipeline engineers to design and think about their piping differently. A 10-year guarantee has significant benefits beyond the design phase, reducing the man-hours and overheads associated with re-torquing and periodical replacements. This allows maintenance departments to totally reschedule their plans, positively impacting the bottom line.

How can we guarantee a gas-tight connection for as long as 10 years?
The DeltaV-Seal is a one-piece, CNC manufactured gasket made from the same metal as the connecting flanges. Certified resistant to vibration, pressure pulses, and temperature changes – the seal matches the movement of the flange, contracting and expanding in seamless unity and forming an enduring, non-ductile, metal-to-metal partnership. Once placed between the connecting flanges, a permanent, static, and leak-proof seal is created.

What gaskets are covered by 10 Year warranty?
Warranty applies to Stainless Steel 316L and Carbon Steel S235 gaskets. Size- and pressure range in compliance with ASME B16.5 & EN 1092-1. There are certain limitations on lifetime relating to highly corrosive media. Such limitations are listed in the product data-sheet.

What parts and repair problems are covered by the warranty?
The purchaser's sole and exclusive remedy for a valid warranty claim is either replacement of the product or a full refund of the price paid by the purchaser for the product. This remedy does not include the cost of transport to the seller, installation, removal, dismantling, or reinstallation. 

How do I enforce a warranty in the unlikely event that a gasket fails?
Any warranty claims by the purchaser shall be provided to the seller by filling out a Pipeotech claim form within 14 days of the purchaser becoming aware of the defect.

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