Non-specified bolt lubrication

If your organisation has specified the usage of a different lubrication substance than what we recommend (Molykote G-Rapid Plus) the torque values specified within our DeltaV-Seal installation instructions will no longer be valid.

Why the type of lubrication matters
The difference in torque required between using Molykote G-Rapid Plus and for instance 'Loctite LB 8013' may differ by approx. 50 - 67 %, depending on type of bolts and nuts.

Recalculating torque values
The good news is that we can assist you in recalculating the torque values for your specific installation in order to obtain a correct leak-proof installation.

We need to know
We will need the following information to help you calculate new torque values: 

  • Type of lubrication

  • The torque / friction coefficient of the lubrication

  • Type of bolts and nuts to be used (material, type of threads, grade)

Based on this information we can provide you with the correct torque values to ensure a 100% leak-proof installation of DeltaV-Seal.

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