Type Approval

DNV GL type approved for use with ASME B16.5 and EN 1092-1 flanges. The world's first type approved flange sealing (DNV GL), TAP000003B rev. 2.

Leakage Test - EN 13555

Gone through test procedures for tightness test, no leakage test, fire safe test. Carried out by AMTEC Services GmbH.

DeltaV-Seal DN40 PN40, helium, 40 bar
Leakage in milligrams divided by circumference multiplied by time. Must have pressure of only 20 MegaPascal on the gasket to reach tightness class of 0.01 and only 74 MegaPascal to reach tightness class 0.0000001.
DeltaV-Seal test result:
Lowest leakage rate at 160 MPa: 1.7∙10-08 mg/m/s (0,000000017 mg/m/s). 20 MPa for tightness class L0.01 74 MPa for tightness class L0.0000001 (highest class) Minimum gasket stress in service for tightness class L0.01 is 23 MPa.
: The DeltaV-Seal allows a much higher loss of compression force after seating compared to other gaskets, as well as showing a significantly lower leakage level than other gaskets in the comparison.

Fire Safe Test - API 6FB

Fire test approved, high temperature (650°C), AMTEC cert. no. 30328901E/CS/28.10.16

Burning period of 30 minutes, >650°C, 40 bar, DVS 6” ASME #300
1.00 ml/(inch ∙min)
DeltaV-Seal test result:
Leakage rate during burning period: 0.04 ml/(inch ∙min) Leakage rate during complete test, result: 0.01 ml/(inch ∙min)
The DeltaV-Seal had a leakage rate of only 1 % of the requirement during the complete fire test

Tightness Test - VDI 2440

TA-Luft helium test approved for low emissions, AMTEC cert. no. 30328902E/BU/28.10.16

DeltaV-Seal DN40 PN40, 48 hours 400°C exposure + 24 hours ambient, 1 bar, media: helium
Max leakage rate of 1.0∙10 -04 mbar∙l / (s∙m)        
(0.001 mbar∙l / (s∙m))
DeltaV-Seal test result:
1.01∙10-08 mbar∙l / (s∙m))      
(0.0000000101 mbar∙l / (s∙m)) Leakage ratio in liters, depending on pressure, mean circumference (in meter) and time
The DeltaV-Seal is 10.000 times tighter than TA-Luft/VDI-2440-requirement. DeltaV-Seal can be characterized as “High grade sealing system for the purposes of TA-Luft"

Test on Damaged Flanges

Purpose: Test sealing capability on damaged flanges
0.3 mm machined damage across whole raised face area
Inner media:
Water and helium - 5 bar with helium, 77 bar with water
No leakage 

Test for Corrosion Resistance

Purpose: Test of corrosion resistance
Condition: Spool with pipe, flanges, and DeltaV-Seal in sea water splash zone for 88 days, all carbon
Inner media/pressure: Retrieved and pressurized with helium and water up to 10 bars.

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