DeltaV-Seal™ is a fully metallic gasket living in full symbiosis electrically and electrochemically with the surrounding flange material achieving maximum tightness over time and thereby reduce emissions. The fundament for this is an optimum materials selection process that starts at an early stage in the project development process.

Free of charge corrosion consultancy

Pipeotech offers support to our customers by reviewing the Basis of Design documentation (emissions requirements, design standards/codes, design lives, etc.), materials selection philosophies, and integrity and corrosion management plans. This forms the basis for an optimum gasket purchasing strategy for our customers and provides Pipeotech with the best possible basis for recommended DeltaV-Seal gasket solutions and warranted leak rates.

Pipeotech firmly believes that successful and effective asset integrity management relies on both corrosion engineering and corrosion management. The objective of a corrosion management plan is to define all necessary activities to assure the integrity of the facility by control of corrosion.

This will ensure consistent availability and safe operation of the production facilities with minimized emissions and waste. The objective should be achieved in the most cost-effective manner, by designing for mitigation of corrosion, for inspection and monitoring, and for maintenance in a timely manner.

Pipeotech Process Analysis (PPA)

We know the importance of corrosion and integrity management in 'Start-up and Stay-up' driven projects, and by teaming up with our customers we address and support them in their never-ending fight for reduced emissions and waste by the exchange of knowledge, data, and experiences in fruitful cooperation.

For this purpose, we are providing our customers with a tailor-made and interactive tool called Pipeotech Process Analysis (PPA). This tool is specifically designed to provide the best possible basis for an optimum materials selection and gasket solution for the customer.

How to initiate the process?

Please make sure to have your pipeline specs and information on the chemical composition of the internal media in front of you. The form should take approx. 10 min to complete the online form.

For any answer, if you don't have the information or don't know the answer, leave it blank and move onto the next question. We will discuss and find this information together later.

When you have answered the last question, you will receive an e-mail with questions and answers. A copy of the e-mail goes to us, and we will contact you to discuss the remaining details.

Please do not hesitate to start a conversation through the chat in the right lower corner, give us a call or video call before and during the completion of the form. We are here to guide you through the form step by step👍

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